Prior to pursuing a doctorate, I worked on a variety of projects under the umbrella:

Digital dictionaries and text corpora

  • Contemporary
  • Historical
    • Eliza Grew Jones 1833 manuscript Thai-English dictionary
    • Dan Beach Bradley 1873 Dictionary of the Siamese Language (Thai-Thai)
    • Jesse Caswell & J.H. Chandler 1846 manuscript Thai-Thai dictionary (website fc.)
    • E.B. Michell 1892: A Siamese-English Dictionary (website fc.)

Archival scanning and indexing

Assistive technology for learning Thai

Epigraphy of Southeast Asia

  • The Sukhothai Inscriptions of Thailand. 2009 Fulbright grant project. Produced the first full roman transliteration of the Sukhothai epigraphic corpus (13th-15th century); etymological tagging of Khmer, Pali and Sanskrit loanwords.
  • Greater Southeast Asia epigraphic transliteration standardization project. Draft proposal for a regional transliteration convention for GSEA; encompassing scripts for archaic variants of Khmer, Mon, Thai, Burmese, Lao, Malay, Javanese, Balinese, Cham, and Pyu (Presented at ICSTLL 46).
  • Entity tagging of the Old Thai and Old Khmer corpora: analyzing and tagging all dates, people, places, and material culture items.