My non-academic work, mainly on L2 Thai language learning, has appeared in different media.

Newspaper column

Thai 101: In 2008 I wrote a regular column about the Thai language for the Phuket Gazette, a weekly newspaper in Thailand. It was focused on issues of interest to expat learners, hence the title Thai 101. A digital archive of the newspaper from that era can be found here. In practice the column was often about how to apply introductory linguistics to learning a new language. For example, one installment about learning to perceive and produce contrastive aspiration in Thai can is in the the issue from May 17-23, 2008, page 27 [PDF].

Podcast appearances

Bangkok Podcast: I originated the Thai Language Series on this show about life in Thailand, mainly aimed at expats. I was on several episodes in 2010-2011, talking about navigating different aspects of Thai language and culture. After a long hiatus the podcast returned, and so in 2018 and 2020 I joined the hosts to discuss my language documentation work in Myanmar, how the Thai language is changing, and my experiences raising children in a bilingual household, now that we’ve been doing that for more than a decade! Here’s a list of episodes I appeared on: