Swarthmore College

Spring 2021

LING 001 – Introduction to Language & Linguistics
LING 100 – Senior Thesis Seminar

Fall 2020

LING 047 – Evolution of Language & Culture
LING 045 – Phonetics & Phonology

Spring 2020

LING 073 – Computational Linguistics
LING 045 – Phonetics and Phonology
LING 043 – Morphology and the Lexicon

Fall 2019

LING 052 – Historical Linguistics
LING 045 – Phonetics and Phonology

Yale University

As instructor of record:

LING 212/512 – Historical Linguistics

A course for undergraduates and beginning graduate students on using evidence from language to make hypotheses about the past. Covering topics including sound change, semantic change, language contact, language subgrouping and reconstruction. (Co-instructor: Claire Bowern, Fall 2018)

LING 219/519 – Evolution of Language and Culture

A seminar for graduate students and undergraduates on the use of quantitative tools for studying the evolution of language and culture. Covering topics including how diversity evolves, building datasets for quantitative study, software programs for tree inference and ancestral state reconstruction. (Co-instructor: Claire Bowern, Fall 2016)

As teaching assistant:

Formal Foundations of Linguistic Theory

A course on the mathematics of language. Covering topics including set theory, formal languages, automata theory, and their applications in linguistics. (Instructor: Robert Frank, Fall 2015)

Cognitive Science of Language

An introductory course on the study of language from the perspective of cognitive science. Covering topics including language acquisition, the relation between linguistic and non-linguistic cognition, and how language may influence perception. (Instructor: Claire Moore-Cantwell, Spring 2016)