About me

About my name:

  • Rikker rhymes with bicker not biker
  • Dockum rhymes with Rock ’em sock ’em robots
    • or with Occam (I use Dockum’s Razor mainly for shaving, though)

Places I’ve called home:

  • Pacific Northwest (Washington, Oregon): 17 years
  • Thailand (mostly Bangkok): 10 years
  • New England (New Hampshire, Connecticut): 10 years
  • Pennsylvania: 4 years

Some things I enjoy:

  • Vintage media formats: You name it, I probably own some (though getting machines to play them all is a work in progress).
    • Video: Betamax, Video8, CED, VHS, VHS-C, D-VHS, VHD, UMD, VCD, LaserDisc, V2000, CVC, VX, Cartrivision, U-Matic, MicroMV, etc.
    • Audio: vinyl record, reel-to-reel tape, compact cassette, mini cassette, micro cassette, picocassette, NT cassette, digital compact cassette, 8-track, 4-track, 2-track, RCA Sound Tape Cartridge, Elcaset, Steno-Casette, wax cylinder, etc.
    • Among my prize possessions is a set of reel-to-reel tapes my late father recorded from TV broadcasts in July 1969, when he was a teenager, of the Apollo 11 lunar mission.
  • Books: I collect Thai translations of everything (from Agatha Christie to Howard Zinn)
  • Music: The Beatles, They Might Be Giants, 90s grunge, musicals
  • Board games: I enjoy a bit of everything, with a soft spot for the classics (don’t ask how many Risk variants I own—ok fine, do)